Rad Dad



Rad Dad podcast is a collection of parenting stories from dads. Funny anecdotes from lives of interesting dads, stories of joys and challenges that come with parenthood, and how to be a happy and successful dad. Hosted by Kirill Zubovsky.


  1. Michael Fitzgerald. CEO of Submittable.com (Missoula, Montana)
  2. Adam Lisagor - The Face of the Silicon Valley (Sandwich Video)
  3. David Heinemeier Hansson (Founder of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp)
  4. Serial entrepreneur empowers the next generation of creators (Dan Shapiro, founder of Glowforge)
  5. Full-time freelancing with kids (Aubrey Johnson)
  6. Family life of a Venture Capitalist (Greg Gottesman, Pioneer Square Labs)
  7. John Cook - GeekWire co-founder shares the joys and challenges of running a business and being an involved dad
  8. Zack Onisko, CEO of Dribbble, talks about the benefit for distributed teams on parenting and quality of life.
  9. Sean Grover - When Kids Call The Shots
  10. Geoff Ralston - Y Combinator - The Future of Education
  11. Aviel Ginsburg - Startup founder and a VC on challenges of parenting a newborn baby
  12. Startup founder talks raising a multicultural family in the age of Trump - Giri Sreenivas
  13. The humble life of a San Francisco VC (Parker Thompson)
  14. 🤘 Caspar Babypants - Raising kids and finding yourself at the same time.
  15. Eric Koester. Professor at Georgetown. Startup founder. Lawyer.
  16. Life and adventure with a newborn (Mike Folden, Videographer & Creative)
  17. Uterus is a feature not a bug - A Book Review!
  18. Divorce, startups, and children. Dad's journey. (Matt Wallington)
  19. Oleksiy Kovyrin - Do dads get post-pardum depression?
  20. Should you follow your passion in life? (Michael Parenteau)
  21. Galen Ward - Founder of Estately.com
  22. Matt Shobe. Co-founder Feedburner (sold to Google) and Mty.AI
  23. Welcome to the Rad Dad show