🦄 Bryce Roberts. Indie.vc - Playing the game of life.

Bryce Roberts is the founder of Indie.vc , an investment fund that is leading the new counter-culture startup movement, focusing on revenue and sustainable growth, rather than unhealthy obsession with raising money to achieve a billion-dollar valuation. Fueled by his own desire to do things differently, Bryce lives in Utah with his wife and five children, he works from home office, and while working hard, also finds the time to be a hands-on dad and have a life too.

If you like startups, venture investment, or would like to learn about it and find out for yourself why Bryce is a great funding partner for you, you would love the whole episode. Yet, if you only want to hear his advice on how to spend meaningful time with your family while also working in a hard-stress environment, skip to about 40 minutes into the episode for a quick work of wisdom.

Big thanks to Create33 for hosting Indie.vc event and for giving me space to record this episode.

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