🖨️ Dan Shapiro. How a childhood obsession with lasers led to the founding of Glowforge.

How do you enable your kids to create rather than consume? If you are a serial entrepreneur like Dan Shapiro, the answer is clear - make a device that can cut through any material with lasers, then put it in every household in America. Shapiro got inspired to create this company by his kids, and now he comes on Rad Dad to talk startups, kids and creativity.

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Dan is such a sharp-minded entrepreneur — this was a real treat.

He spoke of the way he personally benefits from communicating about tough subjects with his children (like when they discuss "CEO problems"), but I'm almost certain that his children are gaining just as much, if not more from it.

I'm not a father, but one insight I've gained from watching my friends raise their families is that the earlier you begin treating your children as capable thinkers, the sooner they'll develop communication and leadership skills that'll proper them ahead of their peers. (@jess, I'm thinking of Roman right now.)

Anyhow, definitely worth a listen, even if you're not a dad.
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