📚 Eric Koester. Professor who published a thousand books and why you should too.

How do we make sure that when our kids grow older, they're happy and successful in life? To help answer this question my guest today is Professor Eric Koester.

Eric is an entrepreneur, a professor at Georgetown University, a lawyer, a dad of two girls and a writer. After having more jobs that he can count, Eric has discovered a new philosophy - listen to the show to find out what it is.

Listen and read online: Professor Eric Koester on Rad Dad

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Eric is convinced the future is going to be all about the things you create, rather than people you know or the school you went to, like it was often the case in the past. This, plus the story of him being fired from Zaarly, and how his Georgetown students are writing books for a living, and more, all in this episode. If you like it, put a review on it ;)
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