👨‍✈️ Matt Shobe. How a team of founders made millions while raising their kids at the same time.

Matt Shobe is a father of 3 boys, a serial entrepreneur, a private pilot and a rad dad, who came to the podcast to talk about startups and what it takes to have a happy family while you are busy building a rocket ship.

Matt was previously a cofounder of FeedBurner which he and Dick Costolo (former CEO of Twitter) sold to Google for north of $100 million dollars. Now he is a Chief Product Office at Mty.AI, a company that is supplying self-driving data to a majority of the automakers.

On this episode we discuss how to manage family a life without going crazy, how to get the most out of your commute, and startup life with a newborn child.

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Clips & Recasts

Matt is a great dad and a friend. On this episode he tells the story of raising kids while building and selling startups. It’s doable, you just have to have the right mindset. Enjoy!
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