🎨 Michael Parenteau. How to raise a family while pursuing your passion.

My guest today is my friend Michael Parentau, a dad of a teenage daughter and a rad human being. Michael is many things. He is an artist, a product designer, a developer, and a creative.

In this episode we will talk about raising a child, while paying your bills on a salary of a starving artist. We will take a look at different paths one could take to enable a child to be creative and to be passionate about learning, and we will talk about boredom, and ways to overcome it. Lastly, Michael will share a story of how he and his 10 year old daughter climbed Mt. Saint Helens, and all the wonderful lessons and memories that came from it.

Read or listen on the web: Michael "The Artist" Parenteau on Rad Dad show

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Michael is a very interesting human and definitely a great guy/dad to know. He's been an artist all his life and my view, he is the antidote to anyone telling young kids not to do art. Enjoy!
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