🌑 Oleksiy Kovyrin. Post-pardum depression in dads, how to spot and what to do about it.

When Oleksiy’s daughter was first born, he didn’t feel the love for his child. Quite the opposite, he felt that his daughter was a new source of problems. Full of this difficult thoughts and busy at work, he was unable to share them with anyone, even his wife.

In this episode we talk about balancing work and family life, while being in a stressful and demanding job environment. We dive into typical things that bother parents of a newborn kid. We even talk about the unspoken truths that every parent keeps as a secret.

As a bonus, Oleksiy shares his experience working remotely and how long-distance trail running has helped him deal with a depression and to lose weight.

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Ever felt like you just couldn't connect with your child and all the games seemed pretty dull and pointless? This one is for you!
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