The humble life of a San Francisco VC (Parker Thompson)

Parker Thompson is a Silicon Valley founder turned VC, known to many in startup circles for his anonymous personality of Startup L. Jackson. Hear Parker’s story and advice on raising three kids in a fast-paced world of tech entrepreneurship, and how to keep your kids safe and happy in a city full of millionaires.

👉Did you know Parker is also THE Startup L Jackson? More about that on Rad Dad website.

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Clips & Recasts

Tech celebrity who is also a dad? You bet! Parker’s honesty and cheerfulness is refreshing. Hear his story, what it was like to be Startup L Jackson, and a little bit about being a dad ;) Also, comment below with any advice on how I could make this podcast better. Anything goes! Email to “Hello @” if you want to share privately. Cheers!
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