Uterus is a feature not a bug - A Book Review!

“Uterus is a feature, not a bug” is a pretty feminist book by Sarah Lacy which talks a lot about women, and specifically women in tech. However, men can benefit from reading this book too. There are a lot of great point in there about parenting that apply to both moms and dads, and by reading about the kinds of issues women have to deal with on daily basis, men could learn to become more open-minded and helpful.

As you will discover in the book, our society is still pretty male-dominated and is not doing nearly enough to elevate women. In fact, very often women are expected to do more, but get far less credit for doing so, and if you think that this is not true, you are probably part of the problem and should read the book.

If you don’t think you would read the book, or you are curious but not sure if this book is right for you, I made a little summary of the major points below. Note that I am not covering the chapters about troubles at Uber, sexism in Silicon Valley, women of Iceland, or how Chinese moms do it all. To get the real kicker out of the book you have to read it on your own and hear Sarah talk (scream!?) at you on every page.

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