🏀 Zack Onisko. Distributed teams and their benefits on parenting and quality of life.

A Bay Area native, Zack is a successful entrepreneur, wizard of all things growth, and currently the CEO of a company called Dribbble. While some of his peers are busy cranking 14-hour days in the city, Zack is working with a fully distributed team, which enables him to hang out with kids, enjoy life, and spend absolutely zero hours commuting.

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Is this thing on yet? Anyway, really glad that Zack and team are super pro distributed workforce. It’s important to meet your team for face to face, but 90% of work now can be done by yourself in outer space. The future is going to be great.
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  1. Pretty interesting, this episode got 2x views of the next best performing episode. I guess people really want to hear about remote work and parenting ;)